Saturday, March 9, 2013

Whole Foods to Label GMO Foods

In several of my previous posts I mentioned that the defeat Proposition 37 here in California was not the end of the GMO story.  In fact, the illegal and arrogant manner in which the corporate world campaigned against Prop 37 only publicized, galvanized, and motivated health-conscious consumers.  Whole Foods' announcement, along with Ben and Jerry's recent similar announcement (here), is a huge victory for consumer and health activists and for the alternative media.  Mike Adams at Natural News published an article tracing the history of Whole Foods' decision, and many articles from other alternative sites are reporting the story correctly.  The mass media, of course, has given only cursory attention to this development and continues to repeat the demonstrably false claim (here) that GMOs in food are harmless.  Great articles here from Natural News, here from Slate magazine, and from Whole Foods itself.

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