Friday, March 22, 2013

Call Obama: Veto "Monsanto Protection Act"

(UPDATE: As of late Sunday evening more than 175,000 people have signed this letter.  The President has until Wednesday, 3/27/13 to sign it.  Have your friends go to "Food Democracy Now" or use the link below. Thank you!)
(UPDATE: As of late Friday evening more than 100,000 people have signed this letter to President Obama.)   
 Please help.  Here is an action item from  "Food Democracy Now:"

Tell President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act!

We regret to inform you, but yesterday morning Congress succeeded in passing Section 735, aka the Monsanto Protection Act, in the Continuing Resolution spending bill.
We need you to contact President Obama before he signs it and HR 933 becomes law.

Currently the White House is closed for the weekend, but we want you to be able to continue to express your voice over this outrageous decision - Click here to sign the letter asking President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act!

See the entire item here.   Monsanto is about to become more powerful than the federal government and the U.S. Constitution!!!

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