Friday, May 31, 2013

Monsanto to Halt GM Push in Europe

Please let this announcement from Europe be the beginning of an awakening of people all over God's creation!
     Monsanto plans to halt lobbying for its genetically modified plant varieties in Europe due to low demand from local farmers, a representative from the US agricultural giant told a German daily.
      "We are no longer working on lobbying for more cultivation in Europe," Brandon Mitchner a representative for Monsanto’s European branch, Tageszeitung, said in an interview set to be published on Saturday.  
     "Currently we do not plan to apply for the approval of new genetically modified crops. The reason is, among other things, low demand of the farmers,” he continued. 
     A spokeswoman for Monsanto Germany, Ursula Luttmer-Ouazane, admitted that Monsanto recognizes that GMO crops were currently not embraced on the European market. 
     This is where the 'dumbing down' of American citizens and the lack of education in Africa and South America comes into play.  Anyone who pays attention to agricultural and food issues, as the Europeans have, will reject genetically modified crops.
      A spokesperson for the German Ministry of Economy and Technologies commented, "The promises of the GM industry have not come true for European agriculture, nor have they for the agriculture in developing and emerging economies."  Read more here.
 The march against Monsanto, Germany. (Image from twitter user@Julia_etc)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama's al Qaeda Mercenaries Caught with Sarin Nerve Gas in Turkey

     Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.
      The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say. The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.
     In an effort to draw the U.S. into the Syrian war, British and French authorities continue to claim that the Assad government is using chemical weapons. UN investigative teams have found no evidence on Syrian forces uses such weapons; however, there is evidence now of CIA-backed Islamists possessing such weapons.  Read it here and here.

100,000 Christians Killed Per Year Over Their Faith

     A staggering 100,000 Christians are killed annually because of their faith, according to the Vatican -- and several human rights groups claim such anti-Christian violence is on the rise in countries like Pakistan, Nigeria and Egypt.
     "Credible research has reached the shocking conclusion that an estimate of more than 100,000 Christians are violently killed because of some relation to their faith every year," Vatican spokesman Monsieur Silvano Maria Tomassi said Tuesday in a radio address to the United Nations Human Rights Council. 
     "Other Christians and other believers are subjected to forced displacement, to the destruction of their places of worship, to rape and to the abduction of their leaders, as it recently happened in the case of Bishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yaziji, in Aleppo [Syria]," Tomassi said.
     Tragically, I expect this number to increase as President Obama continues to arm al Qaeda  and other Islamist terrorist militias to destabilize governments, as he did in Libya and is doing now in Syria.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Eton Students Asked to Justify Firing on Future Protesters

     Speaking of protesting...
     Students at British Prime Minister David Cameron’s alma mater, Eton College, were asked if they would shoot protesters. The question was posed as part of an exam to win one of fourteen King’s Scholarships at the prestigious boarding school in 2011.
     Britain's future leaders were asked to write a speech as future Prime Minister explaining "why employing the Army against violent protesters was the only option available to you and one which was both necessary and moral."
     Sound like just another alarmist, "conspiracy theory" to you?  Read the assignment itself here: British Students Asked If They Will Shoot Protesters and also here Eton College's Exam Asks Boys to Justify the Army Shooting Protesters Dead.  Cheerio!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

200,000 in Paris Protest Against Gay Marriage!!!

     Clearly, the impetus for 'gay marriage' comes from the world's elites; unlike authentic civil rights movements, the gay rights agenda is actually anti-grassroots, as this event in Paris proves!  Therefore, much like the "March on Monsanto," you won't find much mainstream media coverage of this important protest.  Follow this link, Tear Gas, Clashes after Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption Protest in Paris, for a report on this inspiring event.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Millions March on Monsanto Worldwide!!!

     Here are a few photos from the very successful and completely peaceful "March on Monsanto" in Sacramento today at and around the Capitol:

And here are links to various articles, photos, and videos on the protests today against Monsanto from around the nation and the world:
Challenging Monsanto Around the WorldMillions March Against MonsantoMillions Rally, and March a Major Success.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

March on Monsanto: Be Advised...

     Jan and I will be at Monsanto's Davis, Ca. office this Friday and then at the capitol in Sacramento on Saturday.  I hope that you will join this nationwide effort to persuade Monsanto to at least label their GM products if not cease production of them altogether.  If you do join a march, be advised that Monsanto will be monitoring participants.
     Monsanto is very security conscious, to put it mildly!  They have contracted in the past with the private military operators--aka "mercenaries"--at Blackwater, who have now rebranded themselves "Academi."  Blackwater/Academi has numerous subsidiaries.  For more details on the Monsanto-Blackwater relationship, please see this article from Activist Post.  You'll find even more reasons to "March on Monsanto!"  To find a march near you, go to March Against Monsanto Event List or the Facebook page.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Immigration Reform = National I.D. / Repeal "Monsanto Protection Act"

1.  The current "Immigration Reform" Bill in Congress contains a plan to implement a national ID card, which will include fingerprinting.  The ID card will be necessary for any employment and health care in the United States.  The potential for federal abuse of this data is huge.  To watch a video by Ron Paul and a link to sign a petition urging Congress to drop the ID card, go here.

2.  Wow, this activism stuff really works!!! The so-called Monsanto Protection Act signed into law earlier this year caused such an outrage that people around the world are planning to protest the biotech company later this month. Now a United States Senator is expected to try and repeal that law after mounting pressureRead more here!

monsanto protection act repeal 263x168 Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism

Friday, May 17, 2013

Connect the Dots and They Lead Here

     Endless war.  That's it.  That's the plan.  The tactics?  Ever diminishing civil liberties in the 'dominant' nation(s) in order to keep us 'safe' from the enemy, en route to destruction of the weaker backward nations via high-tech ordnance, 'fire sales' for the transnational corporations/banks to buy up what's left of the nation(s) devastated by war, herd the people of all nations into urban centers for their own protection, cull the herd through 'vaccinations' and feeding them GM food, and finally, after repeating the cycle as many times as necessary, we incrementally arrive at the goal.  A new world order oligarchy brings 'peace' for the few hundred thousand people left alive.

     Here it is in black and white:

     On Thursday [5/16/13], the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on whether the statutory basis for this "war" - the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) - should be revised (meaning: expanded)...
     That the Obama administration is now repeatedly declaring that the "war on terror" will last at least another decade (or two) is vastly more significant than all three of this week's big media controversies (Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DOJ) combined. The military historian Andrew Bacevich has spent years warning that US policy planners have adopted an explicit doctrine of "endless war". Obama officials, despite repeatedly boasting that they have delivered permanently crippling blows to al-Qaida, are now, as clearly as the English language permits, openly declaring this to be so.

Read it here in Glenn Greenwald's article  "Washington gets explicit: its 'war on terror' is permanent".



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Did Angelina Jolie Make a Mistake by Acting on the 'Breast Cancer Gene' Theory?

     In a word: yes.  Excerpt from the article at Green Med Info:
     ...given these facts, Jolie's decision conceals a dark side that she, like millions of other American women, are completely unaware of. For example, look at the soaring stock response of Myriad Genetics, the patent-holders of the human genes BRCA1/BRCA2, soon after Jolie's announcement in this Yahoo Finance article published today: Myriad Genetics Shares Climb After Angelina Jolie Has Mastectomy.
The Utah-based company, contrary to popular opinion, owns patents on your BRCA genes (men have them too). And not only that, as a recent Slate article explains:
[Myriad Genetics] claims to own the rights to any test for the presence of the two critical genes associated with breast cancer, and it has ruthlessly enforced that right, though their test is inferior to one that Yale University was willing to provide at much lower cost. The consequences have been tragic: Thorough, affordable testing that identifies high-risk patients saves lives. Blocking such testing costs lives. Myriad is a true example of an American corporation for which profit trumps all other values, including the value of human life itself.
      Given the fact that powerful, profit-driven corporations stand to reap profound financial benefit from the propagation of an oversimplified gene-driven theory of breast cancer susceptibility, we must be cautious in jumping on the mainstream media and medical bandwagon by viewing Jolie's increasingly popular decision uncritically.
     Read the article here.
     Also recommended: How Angelina Jolie Was Duped into Self-Mutilation

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Many More "Conspiracy Theories" Have to Come True Before We Get It?

IRS scandal/corruption
AP phone lines tapped
Monsanto Protection Act
Glyphosate/Round Up proven to be slowly poisoning humans
Libor and world-wide price fixing
Boston Marathon ends in Martial Law
2nd Amendment/registration/confiscation are now the admitted goals
Drone Killings of U.S. citizens without a trial authorized
Patriot Act/NDAA (what, you never heard of it?)
Obamacare (to be administered by the IRS!)
NCLB and the demise of neighborhood schools
and so on...

     See if this "conspiracy theory" fits: transnational banks and corporations are de facto owners of the US and European governments (IMF, Davos, CFR, Federal Reserve, etc.), and they have a vision and a plan for the way the world should be.  A western, middle-class life-style isn't part of that plan, and so it's deemed "unsustainable."  In fact, a world populated by billions of people isn't in the plan either; thus, we hear about 'facts' like the world not being able to feed itself.  Enter GMOs, free birth control and abortion as a universal right, and even gay 'marriage,' useful as incremental population reduction methods.  Eventually, the world will contain much less than half a billion people, the elite living in Seattle-like cities and the non-elite confined to high-rise urban areas with no amenities in order to reduce their "carbon-footprint."
     Laughable?  How many of the facts/events/realities listed above did you think were laughable?  And that's only a partial list.
     Also, try these resources:
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
Natural News
Lew Rockwell
Drudge Report

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is It Time for another Gov't. Orchestrated Distraction in the News?

     With President Obama under fire for the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS admitting that it targeted  conservative groups for audits, will the President use "the Bill Clinton Method" and authorize an intense misdirection event?  Mike Adams at Natural News certainly thinks so.  In today's article, False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red zone: Why a government-orchestrated distraction event is highly likely to occur in the next 7 days , Adams writes:

     Right now, Hilary Clinton and President Obama are facing the possible downfall of their political careers over the Benghazi cover-up. Thanks to recent testimony, we now know that the Obama administration actually ordered the stand-down of U.S. military forces, directly causing the death of a U.S. ambassador as well as those in the embassy who attempted to save his life.

     This is a scandal many times more explosive than Watergate. As the Benghazi investigation unfolds, it may very well end up in the forced resignation of Obama himself.

     To avoid that from happening, Clinton, Obama and all the other globalist minions in Washington D.C. are trying to figure out what false flag scheme they have ready to go right now. They desperately need to pull the trigger on something: a bombing, a mass shooting, a hundred dead kids bleeding out on public sidewalks or something that can distract the media (and the public) from asking too many questions on Benghazi.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book Recommendation: God's Hotel by Victoria Sweet, M.D., Ph.D.

     I haven't posted much lately because, among other things, I've been enchanted by this book!  Jan got it for her birthday last month from a dear friend who is a nurse in Sacramento; she read it almost nonstop and insisted that I read it, too!
     Here is the book's description from Amazon:

     San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital is the last almshouse in the country, a descendant of the Hôtel-Dieu (God’s hotel) that cared for the sick in the Middle Ages. Ballet dancers and rock musicians, professors and thieves—“anyone who had fallen, or, often, leapt, onto hard times” and needed extended medical care—ended up here. So did Victoria Sweet, who came for two months and stayed for twenty years.
     Laguna Honda, relatively low-tech but human-paced, gave Sweet the opportunity to practice a kind of attentive medicine that has almost vanished. Gradually, the place transformed the way she understood her work. Alongside the modern view of the body as a machine to be fixed, her extraordinary patients evoked an older idea, of the body as a garden to be tended. God’s Hotel tells their story and the story of the hospital itself, which, as efficiency experts, politicians, and architects descended, determined to turn it into a modern “health care facility,” revealed its own surprising truths about the essence, cost, and value of caring for the body and the soul.

     Dr. Sweet earned her Ph.D. is social medicine by studying the pre-modern medicine of Hildegaard on Bingen, which she now incorporates in her practice. It is a wonderful book!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Dishonest to Talk About Benghazi Without Talking About the Syrian War

From Washington's Blog:   
     Both parties are still trying to sweep the bigger story under the rug.  
     "The Wall Street Journal, Telegraph and other sources confirm that the US consulate in Benghazi was mainly being used for a secret CIA operation.  They say that the State Department presence in Benghazi “provided diplomatic cover” for the previously hidden CIA mission. WND alleges that it was not a real consulate
     "Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi confirms: Benghazi has been described as a U.S. consulate, but it was not. It was an information office that had no diplomatic status.  
     "Reuters notes that the CIA mission involved finding and repurchasing heavy weaponry looted from Libyan government arsenals and moving them to jihadist Syrian rebels."
Keep reading...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

March Against Monsanto on May 25 Everywhere!

UPDATE: The march in Davis, CA, will be on Friday, May 24, beginning at 06:00 in an effort to shut down the office for a day.  See details at this Facebook page.   
 My wife and I will be at the Monsanto office on 5th St. in Davis, CA. on May 25.  You can find more information on marches near you using the link in the Natural News article  below.  You can probably expect a few motley hippie/occupier-types, but I bet you'll be surprised at how many 'mainstream' Americans also participate!
March Against Monsanto Taking Place Everywhere May 25

Saturday, May 4, 2013

'Holy Fire' Ceremony in Jerusalem Ushers in Orthodox Easter

     "Thousands of Orthodox Christians braved hours of waiting to witness the Holy Fire ceremony in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre – an important annual rite for the Church’s eastern denominations. In what believers regard as a miracle, every year the day before Orthodox Easter, an unlit blue fire from a stone in the Church descends from the dome and ignites a candle held by the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.     
    "Around 10,000 people squeezed into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – regarded by many as the place where Jesus was laid to rest and resurrected – with about as many waiting outside.      
    "As the Patriarch received the fire, he passed it around, to other clergymen from other denominations (six of them share the church and consider it a holy site) and onto the gathered pilgrims."    
    More video and photos here.

No Longer a "Conspiracy Theory:" All Telephone Calls/Emails/Texts Recorded by NSA

   Some information is so overwhelming it just doesn't register at first with people--then, hopefully, come the classic stages of denial, anger, etc. leading to acceptance.  In short, the NSA records and stores every digital communication in America, to be used when needed.  While the recording itself can't be used in court (so far, anyway), the government uses the information to lead investigations and interrogations.
     From Glenn Greenwald's "On Security and Liberty" column:

     Let's repeat that last part: "no digital communication is secure", by which he means not that any communication is susceptible to government interception as it happens (although that is true), but far beyond that: all digital communications - meaning telephone calls, emails, online chats and the like - are automatically recorded and stored and accessible to the government after the fact. To describe that is to define what a ubiquitous, limitless Surveillance State is.
      That every single telephone call is recorded and stored would also explain this extraordinary revelation by the Washington Post in 2010:
Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications.
      It would also help explain the revelations of former NSA official William Binney, who resigned from the agency in protest over its systemic spying on the domestic communications of US citizens, that the US government has "assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens with other US citizens" (which counts only communications transactions and not financial and other transactions), and that "the data that's being assembled is about everybody. And from that data, then they can target anyone they want."
tia logo

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput: The Boston Bombings and Their Aftermath

From CERC:
     "America's best ideals are well worth fighting for.  But we also need to remember that our way of life is as mortal as every other great power; and sooner or later, America will be a footnote in history.  Only God is forever.
     "God's son died on a cross and rose from the dead to deliver us from our sins.  He didn't take away our freedom to choose evil.  Until this world ends, some people will do vile and inhuman things to others. The irony of human dignity is that it requires our freedom.
     "We shouldn't waste time being shocked or baffled by the evil in the world.  It has familiar roots.  It begins in the little crevices of each human heart — especially our own."
The Boston bombings and their aftermath

Tsarnaev's Repeated Requests for an Attorney Ignored

     THEN: John Adams risks his personal safety and reputation to vigorously defend, on principle, the five British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre.  Thomas Paine writes, "He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."
     NOW:  The interagency High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, created by President Obama in early 2009, continued to interrogate a wounded suspect alone in a hospital room for at least 16 hours despite the repeated requests by the suspect, who is a U.S. citizen, for help from an attorney.  The suspect finally received the help guaranteed to him under the United States Constitution only because a federal magistrate, on her own initiative, defied the FBI and visited the suspect in the hospital.
     Read the article from "Security and Liberty" here.