Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recommended: Glenn Greenwald's "On Security and Liberty"

   "The Guardian" recently hired brilliant Constitutional attorney, author, and columnist Glenn Greenwald for their "U.S. Edition."  Here is their brief description of the new column, "On Security and Liberty:" A critical, campaigning column on vital issues of civil rights, freedom of information and justice – and their enemies, from the award-winning journalist, former constitutional litigator and author of three New York Times bestsellers.
     If you, like me, are outraged by the injuries the contrived "War on Terror" is inflicting on our nation and the world, you will greatly appreciate Greenwald's new column. I believe "On Security and Liberty" is an effective antidote to the compliant corporate media's service to the oligarchs and enablers of this 'war.'  I hope it helps wake up and return to its senses this once great land that lately has become what Gore Vidal called "the United States of Amnesia."
     Read a "table of contents" here.

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