Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Posh and Awe" Reveals Crux of the Anglican Problem

     David Virtue is back in the game.  Several good articles by David and others this week at VirtueOnline-The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism point to the fatal flaw of Anglicanism in its current form: valuing money over truth.  Oh, they put it in more polite terms--valuing collegiality, gracious conversations, or "tea and crumpets" above truth, but the money and the sad fact that nobody wants to lose it is what it all comes down to.  Praise God for the African Christians--whether Anglican, Catholic, or Evangelical.  They already know how to live with little money and refuse to trade truth, and their souls, for material wealth.  The African bishops have not been seduced by the glitter in North America; they will not be seduced by the "Posh and Awe" accompanying the Archbishop of Canterbury's enthronement later this month.  Justin Welby, the incoming archbishop, with a background as an oil corporation executive, has already chosen money over truth.  Read these incisive articles: A Steep Learning Curve, Defying Posh and Awe, and Indaba with an MBA.                     

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