Saturday, March 30, 2013

Three Ways to Help Change the Food System

     We need to change many things for the better in the USA; I believe one of the best places to start is with the food system.  What we eat effects the mind, body, and spirit, so: 1. Grow what food you can; 2. Buy as much of your food from locally owned businesses as you can; 3. Share your knowledge and concerns.
     Clearly, the people at "Natural Society" agree.  Here are excerpts from and the link to an article on the three ways of changing how we eat:
     "We can’t trust the government to construct and enforce the framework to allow for the healthiest foods (and the healthiest foods only) to reach our plates. And honestly, we can’t be surprised at this inability. They are lawmakers and politicians, and unfortunately nothing more. In many ways, it’s up to us (the people) to change the food system ourselves. But this can seem like a daunting task in the face of hidden-GMOs, pesticide-laden produce, and sometimes undecipherable health and nutrition studies.
     "The good news is that you can live a healthy lifestyle without the help of Washington policy-makers. While we should all keep campaigning for those elected officials to make the right decisions (such as supporting GMO labeling petitions or going against other harmful petitions), we should similarly be making the right decisions for ourselves."   Read more here.
     An excellent resource to help you with item #1 above, grow as much food as you can, is the "Organic Gardening" website found here.  If item #2 seems overwhelming or too inconvenient, try adding just one new organic food to your diet each week.  Over time, you'll "crowd out" the processed foods from your diet.  After a short while, you'll even be able to taste some of the chemicals and additives in the processed foods!  That experience will motivate you to help change the food system, as per item #3.


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