Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nothing is Real: Joe Biden's Comedy Special

  The mass media MUST be corrupt to not skewer this obvious propaganda piece from "Slow Joe":
     The Vice President lives on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory near Washington, D.C. and is constantly surrounded by Secret Service agents.  Mrs. Biden does not ever worry about prowlers.  Secondly, Joe, along with everyone in Hollywood, does not seem to know that it is illegal, and incredibly stupid, to discharge a firearm into the air.  Lead bullets and iron shotgun pellets do not magically dissolve in the air; they return to earth and sometimes tragically kill innocent people.  Fire warning shots into the ground in front of you, by the way, so no innocent person gets hurt and you can find them for legal evidence.
     Joe is a sexist, pompous windbag, but he's clearly playing a part in a larger agenda that seeks a monopoly of force for the government.

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