Thursday, December 26, 2013

Obama Unapologetic About Drone Massacre of Yemeni Wedding Party

From Storyleak:   
     "What is most disturbing about this very sordid and ongoing saga is the persistent refusal of the US Government to issue any kind of apology for these atrocities. Because of the CIA’s routine lack of acknowledgment of these massacres, even the citizenry of the USA seems to be oblivious to such heinous crimes being committed in their name.  They seem to occur and then are very quickly forgotten just like passing days of the week.  Clearly, this is the most serious byproduct of these barbaric assaults in foreign lands.  That the people have come to accept them as business as usual.
     "Only because these frequent fatal attacks are not being conducted in Western nations are they somehow justifiable.  They have no legitimacy in international law, common law, natural law or federal law.  Simply put, the drone assassination program operates completely outside of the framework of every body of law in existence, including military law."
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