Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elian Gonzalez: From Cute Kid to "Cuban Revolutionary" Propagandist

      Elian Gonzalez is back in the headlines this week after leaving Cuba for the first time since being handed over to Castro. Elian traveled to Ecuador for the 23rd World Festival of Youth and Students, where he had some harsh words for the US in an interview with CNN en Espanol.  According to the young revolutionary, it's the US's fault that his mother tried to leave and died.  Without the economic turmoil caused by the embargo, no one would want to leave Cuba.  Also, he proudly claimed not to have a religion, but that if he did, his god would be Fidel Castro! Read it here.
     By the way, it turns out that the Elian Gonzalez affair is where a young Eric Holder earned his spurs: as the then Deputy Attorney General, he authorized the government raid that took the child into custody at gunpoint, without feeling the need to get one of those pesky court order things.  Read it here.


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