Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Rules for Dealing with the Police that EVERYONE Needs to Know

     It's a sign of the times: EVERYONE needs to learn these rules/tips to prepare for an encounter with law enforcement agents (they are no longer called Peace Officers for a reason!).  Knowledge is power, and government officials, even locally, prefer that we remain ignorant of our rights and how to assert them.  Rule #1--forcing yourself to speak and act calmly during a confrontation--may seem obvious, especially to middle-class citizens, but self-control won't come easily in real life, especially when you are innocent.  The rest of the rules are not so intuitive and we need to study them. Middle-class citizens, already a vanishing category, can expect to have more "encounters with law enforcement" as the planned implosion of our economy continues unabated.
     I recommend watching this video more than once.  From Flex Your Rights.

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