Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Daily Show: Stuart Varney vs. Pope Francis

     Jon Stewart provided a clinic in economics and morality for Fox News’ Stuart Varney. Last month Pope Francis excoriated unfettered capitalism and trickle-down economics. He called it the ‘New Tyranny’. It is obvious that would put many on the Right into an utter state of hysteria. Rush Limbaugh went into a state of hyperventilation. Fox News did not know what to do. Last week they were all about the President abrogating church rights. What about now?
     Turns out Jon Stewart wondered if he could get an argument against the minimum wage. Of course he turned to Fox News Stuart Varney. Varney did not disappoint. Varney asked Juan Williams for an economic argument for the minimum wage increase not based on need to feed a family or emotion. Really?
     That baffled Jon Stewart. “That is the type of statement that is usually followed by the dead business partner and the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. Alright. Alright. We have heard the argument that you need it to feed your family. Fine, I’ve got that. Let’s hear the argument treating it as if you are not human,” he said.
     Stuart Varney then asks Juan Williams to make a moral judgment as to whether someone without a diploma or right out of school deserves $15.00 an hour. Of course Varney never asks one to makes a moral judgment as to whether a plutocrat should be making millions while drinking tea at his pool. He never asks one to make the moral judgment of a CEO making over 300 times his workers’ wages for doing little. He does not ask one to make a moral judgment of a system that rewards capital more so than human beings.


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