Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh Good, We Can Change Now Because the President Says So

"Main Street U.S.A.: The Problem of Evil":     

     "Could it not be – maybe?  conceivably?  – that politics and consolatory speeches and  clever laws need a foundation of realism, one which acknowledges human affairs as the huge mess they are: too big, too inexplicable for the combined power of President and Congress to 'change'
     "Just a few days lie between us and Christmas.  It was around this time, we hear, that the Son of God came to our rescue – not to perfect everything at that precise moment but to invite repentance and amendment of life, before offering his own life as a sacrifice.   Don’t believe a word of it?   The alternative is to believe another act of Congress will  bring us finally to that gun-controlled paradise where the evil, the murderous, and the frankly loony embrace the pure of heart.  It might happen in Heaven.  I wouldn’t count too much on watching as politicians throw open the gates."

 From an insightful article by William Murchison at "The Imaginative Conservative."  Read the entire article here.

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