Saturday, December 15, 2012

People Are Horrified by Real Violence While Drowning Their Children in Simulated Violence

     Many people complain about violence in our culture, as well as the test scores at our public schools (yes, the two are related), and then let their children have unlimited access to first-person shooter games like "Halo,"  "Call of Duty: Black Ops," etc. in which the goal and the fun are to make as many gory kills as you can!  I challenge you to volunteer at your local public school and watch the sociopathic behaviors for yourself.  Not up for that?  At least read this article by Mike Adams at "Natural News" and watch the trailer for one of the many new video games parents will buy/have bought their children for Christmas...and birthdays...or just to keep them out of their hair.  Also, research "Halo" (from the company of Mr. Education Reformer himself, Bill Gates) and "Black Ops."  See what you find on YouTube.  Start here.

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