Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Dark Book for A Dark Universe

     Eureka!!! Finally, somebody has a clue!!!  The very reason I started this blog was because I couldn't find a church that would face the darkness and evil in the world.  In Touchstone Magazine's article, "Death of a Wild Thing: Russell D. Moore on Maurice Sendak & the Horror of a Domesticated Gospel" I've finally found someone who speaks to the concerns I've had for years now about American Christianity--in all denominations.  Here are some samples:
     It's one thing for psychiatrists to be fussy about such things, but I'm amazed when Christians are. Some wag their heads at books such as Wild Things. They complain about how "dark" books like these are. Of course they're "dark." Isn't that what the gospel is here to tell us? The universe is dark; dark enough to be overcome only by the Light of Galilee. Until we learn to communicate this to our children with winsomeness and gravity, Maurice Sendak will seem more realistic than Sunday school or catechism class.
      Too many of our Bible study and discipleship materials (whether for Baptist Vacation Bible School or Roman Catholic confirmation preparation or what have you) de-claw the Bible. They excise all the snakes and dragons and wildness. In so doing, they reduce the Bible to a set of ethical guidelines and a text on how gentle and kind Jesus is.
      The problem is, our kids know there are monsters out there. God put that awareness in them. They're looking for a sheep-herding dragon-slayer, for the One who can put all the wild things under his feet. Until we can address, with gospel honesty, what scares our children—and ourselves—we can never get to the joyous wild rumpus of gospel freedom.

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