Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rand Paul and Diane Feinstein Work Together for The Bill of Rights

Yes, I do admire Ron Paul and Rand Paul.  If you don't know what the NDAA is, start reading here to begin with because you find it in the mainstream media.  The National Defense Authorization Act allows indefinite detention of anyone anywhere by the federal government, including U.S. citizens. I believe that  the NDAA couldn't exist if it were common knowledge among the public.
"Opponents of the right to trial by jury will come today and they will argue that the American homeland is now a battlefield and that we must circumscribe our right to trial by jury to be safe from terrorists. But if we give up our rights, have not the terrorists won? If we let fear relinquish our rights, if we relinquish our rights because of fear, what is it exactly then we're fighting for?" - Senator Rand Paul

See it here or here.

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