Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

     I am grateful now for the "lost years" I spent in the Episcopal Church.  Without them, I would never have truly appreciated what a gift the Lord gave us in the Catholic/Orthodox Churches.  I do now believe that Christ established his Church here on Earth, and that he is actually present at every Eucharist/Liturgy.  The incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, quite simply does not share this belief.  Therefore, virtually every received teaching of Christianity is negotiable, in his view.  I tried for years to comprehend the arrogant views of revisionist leaders and even half-heartedly struggled against them for a few years on the Vestry at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Davis, CA.  Now finally, as they say, my eyes (and heart) have been opened.  The beautiful, loving teaching of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches tells us that humans simply do not have the authority to change some things in the church or in the world. Following the news from the Episcopal/Anglican world makes me sad, yet I'm profoundly grateful for what I've found.
     Read more about the new ABC here, the clever businessman and politician who has been a bishop for less than a year but promises "to rethink" church teachings, as if no one before him were capable of doing so, and also here.
What Boss?
New Boss
Old Boss

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