Monday, November 5, 2012

Monsanto-funded "No on 37" Caught in Felony Fraud

     Even the FDA stated on record that they never made the statement seen below! They know it is illegal for a government agency to take a stance on election items.  The "No on 37" group not only illegally used the FDA logo, they completely fabricated the quote in it! The "No on 37" group has spent $1 million a day this past week and more than $50 million so far for advertising; therefore, the $250,000 fine for felony election fraud won't even make them blink.  Of course, the election will be over before any court ordered action could happen.  Whether Proposition 37 wins or loses, this corporate criminal activity is a complete insult not just to Californians but to all Americans.   Read more here...and here.

     The Monsanto-funded "No on 37" campaign literally created this quote and FDA support out of thin air:

FDA stamp Monsanto Funded Anti GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies

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