Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yet Another "Conspiracy Theory" Proved Factual: NSA and FBI Collect Your Phone Calls

     Back on May 4th I posted this article, "No Longer a "Conspiracy Theory:" All Telephone Calls/Emails/Texts Recorded by NSA.  I realize it takes awhile to go through the process of accepting that the United States is no longer a constitutional republic and that our government does not work for us.  Hopefully, we are finally emerging from the denial phase.  Facts that were previously dismissed as "conspiracy theories" are finally finding mainstream acceptance, as evidenced by the following list of articles in today's news outlets: NYTimes: U.S. Secretly Collecting Records, Report: Gov't. Scooping Up Phone Records, Obama Admin. Defends Massive Phone Record Collection, Forbes: NSA Specifically Target Americans Not Foreigners, CBS: Homeland Security Can Search Based on 'Hunch', NSA Spying is Bigger Than Verizon, and The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions.
     I can't wait for people to move past denying that our federal government is enthralled to transnational corporations and multinational banks and begin to get angry enough to get involved!

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