Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Reason We Endure Trials

From Joel J. Miller at Patheos' Evangelical Portal:
     "The other day my son was going on about bricks. He had seen a documentary and was eager to report that firing bricks in a kiln made a stronger product than merely drying them in the sun.
     "My mind jumped to a stretch I spent in Uganda. Megan and I saw giant stacks of bricks along the roadside most everywhere we drove. To make them locals molded sloppy wet clay and set the shapes out to dry. Next they arranged a large makeshift kiln from the dry bricks, crammed it with wood, and set the fuel on fire. Once the bricks had cooled, the kiln was dismantled and the bricks were ready for use.
     "The fire hardens the clay and makes the brick more durable. Unfired clay makes weaker bricks.
     "It’s the same with us."
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