Monday, April 29, 2013

UPDATE: CPS Takes Child Away After Parents Question Doctor, Seek Second Opinion

     The lesson seems to be that, in the eyes of the government bureaucracy, the judiciary, and corporate health care, our children belong to the collective.  A Sacramento County judge ruled today that baby Sammy must be transported to the Stanford Medical Center immediately for a third-party analysis of his condition.  The parents may accompany him, but the judge ordered them not to take their child from Stanford "without proper medical discharge."  Again, the default position is that experts don't just make recommendations to parents, they make the decisions instead of parents--the goal being control, not empowerment. You don't realize until it happens to you just how difficult it is to get out of "the system" once you are in it.  Read and watch more from Sacramento's News 10.
Also more from 4/30/13 here.

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