Monday, April 22, 2013

Nothing is Real: Welcome to American Totalitarianism

Which of these "individuals" is a soldier in Afghanistan and which is an FBI agent in Boston?  Readers familiar with military insignia will know the answer; unfortunately, the answer is almost irrelevant.
     You may also know this trivial detail: the term "lockdown" is not from the military--it comes from 'correctional facilities.'  So what did that make the citizens of greater Boston this week if not prison inmates?
     "...the lessons that come from the events in Boston this past week are that the police state we live in is unable to protect the people of this country. Furthermore, the people seem content to live in these circumstances and are actually thankful to do so. Here's to hoping that at least a few more people saw this for what it really was – totalitarianism – and will begin to question the motives and tactics of those involved."
     "Totalitarian" by Joel Poindexter at Lew Rockwell's blog is an article I highly recommend.

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