Saturday, April 27, 2013

CPS Takes Child After Parents Question Doctor, Seek Second Opinion

     Incredibly, this incident is happening right now here in Sacramento. It all started on Thursday when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took a trip to Sutter Memorial Hospital over some flu-like symptoms that their 5-month-old son was experiencing.  Intended to be a visit centered around ensuring the health of their child, they were met with resistance when questioning the treatment their young son was receiving. In fact, simply asking why their son was being given antibiotics, which absolutely destroys the small amounts of beneficial gut bacteria in children, was unacceptable.
      So what did Anna do? What any reasonable person who cares about their child would do, get the heck out of the hospital prescribing 5-month-old children antibiotics for flu-like symptoms. Before this, the Sutter Hospital doctors actually went a step further. Beyond the antibiotic dosing, they actually admitted the couple’s son Sammy into the ICU and started discussing the possibility of heart surgery. Sammy has been receiving treatment for a heart murmur since birth.
     To Anna, this was yet another step that was not explained and not making much sense. As a result, she pulled Sammy from the hospital and headed over to find a doctor at Kaiser Permanente who could offer a second opinion.  This doctor found that the parents should simply continue to monitor the child at home.
     In short, Child Protective Services arrived Friday with police officers and forcibly removed the baby. Watch the video here from News 10 via Natural Society and a shorter version from News 10 in Sacramento here.
     In 2010, I had a similar experience when my daughter was being treated for cancer.  I told the then head of pediatric oncology at the UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, that I wanted to stop chemotherapy and  take her home.  He acted at first like I must be joking, then told me if I stopped treatment and removed my daughter from the hospital I could be arrested, my daughter placed in foster care, and he would proceed with the chemotherapy treatments anyway.  I'll follow up with an account of the catastrophic results of that decision later.

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