Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Probably Time for Anglicans to Turn to Rome

     These lines are somewhat awkward to write; in fact, it's difficult to believe that I'm even writing them: Catholicism is not perfect, but it may be the best religion we can expect while in this world.  Recently I've had to ask myself what the Episcopal Church would look like if the Revisionists had not captured it and destroyed it.  The answer, and again I can't believe I'm writing it, is that it would look very much like the Catholic Church.  I also must admit that for the past two Sundays, I have attended Holy Rosary Catholic Church here in Woodland.  It feels...well, it feels like it could be home, so far.  Then today I read the John Milibank article that I found through Ms. Linsley's wonderful "Just Genesis" blog  as well as the articles revealing that the Crown Nomination Committee has stalled or deadlocked.  The Church of England is so dysfunctional they can't even recommend a name to the Prime Minister to nominate as the next Archbishop of Canturbury.  Milibank's thoughtful analysis and top recommendation for the survival of Anglicanism although long-winded inevitably comes right down to it:  eventual reunification under Roman primacy.  Again, it's shocking, but I agree with Milibank's assessment.  I've been indulging the fantasy that the Anglican Church of North America with eventually spread to northern California and thrive and that I'll be vindicated for leaving the Episcopal Church.  But the few ACNA parishes even remotely near me are dreadfully anemic and already falling apart, and I see reports now that the AMiA and ACNA are feuding back east.  So, the answer is: never.  Anglicanism is never going to recover in the U.S. or Europe, until it aligns with Catholicism.  Since the Eastern Orthodox parishes I've visited in the area are at least as much ethnic enclaves as churches, it looks like the answer is right in front of me:  the Catholic Church.

"After Rowan: Priorities for the Anglican Communion"

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