Friday, September 7, 2012

It's the Food

In another sign of election season lunacy, the corporate apologists continue to slam organically grown food as a cult-like fad as they shill for GMOs, claiming again that nations like China and India simply can't feed their people without the increased yields from genetically engineered food.  Now, would that be the same China and India that have actually outlawed GMOs after finding, for example, that they didn't increase yields but did increase the need for herbicides? The New York Times' Roger Cohen, in his article "The Organic Fable," says organic supporters are delusional, yet he doesn't even seem to know there are differences between GMO, conventional, and organic foods; he even misquotes (lies about?) what the Stanford study actually said!  Fortunately, polls continue to show favorable numbers for Prop 37 here in California, in spite of such blatant corporate-sponsored attacks on consumer rights.

Mike Adams saves me the time and deconstructs Roger Cohen's incredibly biased and inaccurate New York Times article here:

The Organic Fable 

Organic is what our grandparents ate. Compare the rates back then of allergies, autism, cancer, auto-immune diseases, obesity, and diabetes to today's rates. It's the food, Roger, it's the food.

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