Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christian Bale's Good Deeds

  Here's a wonderful story about good deeds gracefully done.  Actor Christian Bale recently learned that a four-year old fan of "Batman" named Jayden was struggling with leukemia.  Bale paid for Jayden's family to spend a week at Disneyland, and he was even able to spend time with Jayden in the park!  The only way the wider-world found out about Bale's generosity and kindness was when Jayden's family returned home and posted the experience on their Facebook page, since Bale had deliberately avoided publicity.  
     Also, follow the links in the the story linked below to read about and see photos/video of Bale's visit in the hospital with the victims of the Aurora shooting.  Again, Bale never publicized his actions.

Please click here:  "Dark Knight" Christian Bale Performs Super Act of Kindness

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