Sunday, January 12, 2014

UPDATE on previous entry: HuffPo CENSORS Anti-GMO Comments from Bartolotto Article!!!

UPDATE 1/14/14:  Huffington Post reposted Bartolotto's article as the lead story at  their "Food for Thought" section, in order to increase its exposure and make amends.  However, by the end of the business day, the article was moved to the side bar.
UPDATE 1/13/14:  Carole Bartolotto received an apology from a weekday "moderator" at the Huffington Post. Apparently, the weekend "moderator" was unabashedly pro-GMO!  They are now publishing most comments, including several responses from Carole pointing out the flaws of the critical comments. Take another look at the article, "The Anti-Science Behavior of GMO Proponents", to read her use of facts in rebutting claims in the comments box!

 As of this writing, the comments editor at the Huffington Post is blocking comments supportive of Carole Bartolotto's article and negative comments about GMOs!!!  Members of GMOFreeUSA first noticed this censorship; several members tested the situation by writing pro-GMO comments, which were immediately posted, while their anti-GMO comments were not posted.  When they submitted a request for an explanation, they received this reply:

We appreciate your patience while we work to fulfill your request.
To see if your problem has already been reported ("Known Issues") or to search our FAQs please go to:
If your comment has been removed and you don't know why, the most common reason is that it contained an attack against another user, individual or group. You can read our comment guidelines at:
The HuffPost Community Support TeamThanks for reaching out to the Community Support desk!

     When another member tried to post a link in the comments section to a GM Watch article article by Prof. David Schubert of the Salk Institute in which he condemns the retraction of the Seralini study and voices his own concerns about GMOs, she received this reply:
"Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this article, your comment may take longer to appear publicly."  They have still not posted it, and actually banned this person from further comments!
     By posting an article critical of GM methods but then only allowing comments that ridicule the article and anti-GMO positions, corporate media keeps the illusion of presenting both sides of the issue.

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