Friday, January 10, 2014

Are Our Poiticians/Rulers Really That Stupid? Or Are They Evil?

     Apparently, many people have no problem with recognizing the “stupid” part of Obama, Bush, et al (although Brian Wilson's article "Solving Stupid" re-posted here emphasizes Obama). But acknowledging that the Rulers are evil is more difficult. We simply don’t want to believe that our Rulers are actually “evil.” But they are.  People need to face the reality of who our Rulers are.  As Wilson points out:
     One doesn’t have to doff his Tin Foil fedora to be aware of the multitude of incalculable inconsistencies and odds-busting benefits that have miraculously fallen to such a stupendous advantage in Obama’s life story. Like a recessive gene, Stupid rarely works out to anyone’s consistent, long term advantage, i.e. you may be able to do algorithms in your head but your fly is open and your socks don’t match.
     When considering the preponderance of Barry’s bodacious background, why is it so difficult to see the past, present and future intent of an individual with such a solid Marxist upbringing? When considering his 5+ years of “accomplishments”, not just from a legislative perspective, but his speeches, racism, class warfare, in-your-face taxpayer-paid “vacations”, snubs of a multitude of uniquely American ideals by omission or commission, from his perpetual lemon-sucking facial expressions to the infamous “Mussolini pose”, how can Stupid Dumbo trump the distinct pattern of evil intent? Hubris? Sure. Egomaniacal? Of course. Narcissistic? Without question. But Stupid?
      ...If you don’t buy the calculus above, if as the aforementioned newsletter publisher, you see presidential criticism as racially-tinged ad homonyms, take this simple test: Using facts and reason – rather than prejudice and adrenalin – disprove the obvious.

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