Sunday, July 14, 2013

The George Zimmerman Trial: Life and Death in the American PsyOp

From Jon Rappoport's blog, No More Fake News: 
     There were at least six extraordinary moves even before George Zimmerman was brought up on charges.
  1.      An out-of-date photo, showing Trayvon Martin as a young innocent boy, flashed across television screens all over the world.
  2.      News stories asserted that a white man named Zimmerman killed a black child.
  3.      NBC-edited 911 audio between Zimmerman and a police dispatcher made it seem as if Zimmerman was voluntarily profiling Martin as black, when this was not the case. Several NBC employees were fired over the editing incident.
  4.      In the same 911 audio, according to CNN and other media sources, Zimmerman said, “Fucking coons.” This was corrected to “fucking cold.” Finally, this became “fucking punks.”
  5.      President Obama said if he had a son, that son would have looked like Trayvon Martin. 
  6.      ABC obtained footage of Zimmerman at the police station on the night of the Martin killing. The network claimed there was no visible evidence Zimmerman had sustained head wounds.  They later admitted the footage had been "re-digitized."
     These actions, taken together, defined the case as a black-versus-white hate crime.
     The whole race issue was dealt a blow when it turned out that Zimmerman wasn’t white. His father was white. His mother was Peruvian. Her grandfather was African-Peruvian.
     But by then, it was too late. Media forces and politicians and hustlers and private citizens on both sides of the race issue had already shoved in their chips and rolled the dice. They couldn’t turn back.
     The primacy of the group over the individual is the true devastating operation in America.
     Individuals have freedom. Individuals have independence. Individuals have potential power. These elements are anathema to fascists.

     Read the article here.

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