Monday, July 15, 2013

African-American Leaders Ignore the Slow Mass Killing of Black Americans

From Mike Adams at Natural News:
     The African-American community is up in arms over a jury of six women finding George Zimmerman not guilty of the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin. That same community is SILENT on the routine killing of young black babies by GMOs, vaccines, and even the cancer-causing chemicals found in processed food.
     See, in this regard the black community is just like the white community: there is no universal call for justice; there's only selective justice in rare, isolated cases while ignoring the mass killings that takes place every day through GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, chemical food additives, pesticides and more.
     Black people are far more likely to die from cancer treatments than white people due to chronic vitamin D deficiencies. There is no call for justice for the African-America victims of the cancer industry. None whatsoever. Why aren't black Americans rioting outside the front doors of the American Cancer Society which continues to cover up the truth about why black people get more cancer than white people?
     Apparently black leadership is far too busy distracting people into the Trayvon Martin fiasco to focus on what's really killing everyone. This is further proof that black leadership doesn't really care about white people killing black people -- they will happily let them continue to die by the millions as long as it's white-run corporations doing the killing.
     If black moms and dads really wanted to protect their children, they would feed them all-organic, non-GMO diets. They would avoid vaccinations and instead give their children vitamin D supplements. But very few parents actually do that (no matter what their race). So while they may march for the death of some other couple's child, they outright refuse to protect the health of their own child.


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