Monday, July 22, 2013

Corporate Media Finally Reports Russian 'Combat Readiness' Drill...A Week After Alternative Media

Via Anthony Gucciardi at Storyleak:

The amassing of over 160,000 Russian troops, bombers, and naval ships under an emergency ‘combat readiness’ drill order is now making the rounds throughout mainstream media and talk radio after being blasted into the headlines...
     Amazingly, just a bit over on week ago I covered the Russian ‘combat readiness’ order while in amazement that no one was discussing it despite admissions that it really was going on...
     But the simple fact is that the mainstream media can be augmented if we force them to pick up the news, and this latest piece is of extreme importance when you understand that the combat readiness drill was called into effect following an Israeli strike on Russian missiles in Syria — a potential provocation in the eyes of Putin and the Russian government. This is, of course, analysis you also will not find in many of the newer media reports — but at least it’s being discussed on a basic level.


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