Wednesday, May 22, 2013

March on Monsanto: Be Advised...

     Jan and I will be at Monsanto's Davis, Ca. office this Friday and then at the capitol in Sacramento on Saturday.  I hope that you will join this nationwide effort to persuade Monsanto to at least label their GM products if not cease production of them altogether.  If you do join a march, be advised that Monsanto will be monitoring participants.
     Monsanto is very security conscious, to put it mildly!  They have contracted in the past with the private military operators--aka "mercenaries"--at Blackwater, who have now rebranded themselves "Academi."  Blackwater/Academi has numerous subsidiaries.  For more details on the Monsanto-Blackwater relationship, please see this article from Activist Post.  You'll find even more reasons to "March on Monsanto!"  To find a march near you, go to March Against Monsanto Event List or the Facebook page.

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