Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Many More "Conspiracy Theories" Have to Come True Before We Get It?

IRS scandal/corruption
AP phone lines tapped
Monsanto Protection Act
Glyphosate/Round Up proven to be slowly poisoning humans
Libor and world-wide price fixing
Boston Marathon ends in Martial Law
2nd Amendment/registration/confiscation are now the admitted goals
Drone Killings of U.S. citizens without a trial authorized
Patriot Act/NDAA (what, you never heard of it?)
Obamacare (to be administered by the IRS!)
NCLB and the demise of neighborhood schools
and so on...

     See if this "conspiracy theory" fits: transnational banks and corporations are de facto owners of the US and European governments (IMF, Davos, CFR, Federal Reserve, etc.), and they have a vision and a plan for the way the world should be.  A western, middle-class life-style isn't part of that plan, and so it's deemed "unsustainable."  In fact, a world populated by billions of people isn't in the plan either; thus, we hear about 'facts' like the world not being able to feed itself.  Enter GMOs, free birth control and abortion as a universal right, and even gay 'marriage,' useful as incremental population reduction methods.  Eventually, the world will contain much less than half a billion people, the elite living in Seattle-like cities and the non-elite confined to high-rise urban areas with no amenities in order to reduce their "carbon-footprint."
     Laughable?  How many of the facts/events/realities listed above did you think were laughable?  And that's only a partial list.
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