Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput: The Boston Bombings and Their Aftermath

From CERC:
     "America's best ideals are well worth fighting for.  But we also need to remember that our way of life is as mortal as every other great power; and sooner or later, America will be a footnote in history.  Only God is forever.
     "God's son died on a cross and rose from the dead to deliver us from our sins.  He didn't take away our freedom to choose evil.  Until this world ends, some people will do vile and inhuman things to others. The irony of human dignity is that it requires our freedom.
     "We shouldn't waste time being shocked or baffled by the evil in the world.  It has familiar roots.  It begins in the little crevices of each human heart — especially our own."
The Boston bombings and their aftermath

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