Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Socialist Politician Says Spanish Bishop Should Be ‘Muzzled’

     His crime?  Daring to critique the philosophy that holds the differences between men and women to be a social construct rather than a biological reality.  The bishop argues that men and women are both different and complementary.  A National Catholic Register article quotes a socialist government official in Andalusia, Spain, Miguel Angel Vazquez, a member of the Socialist Party and spokesman for the Andalusian provincial government, who says that Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Cordoba should be silenced for leveling attacks against “real and effective equality between men and women.”
     "Calling the bishop’s defense of marriage and the family 'backwards,' Vazquez said that he would 'rather burn in hell (if it exists) than renounce equality.'"
     Yet Bishop Fernandez stubbornly maintains that, "The future of humanity is in the family, in the family that fulfills God's plan."

Read more here of what the bishop said to provoke socialist ire.

Diocese of Cordoba

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