Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nothing is Real: News from Davos

     Time to check in with the latest news from our would-be global masters at their World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.   Let's start with the bankers, shall we?
     The CEO of J.P. Morgan and Obama's good buddy, Jamie Dimon, tells the people of the world that they don't need to know how banks do business--it's too complicated-- with no word of thanks for the billions of dollars of our bail-out money he took in 2008.  Watch it here, and notice how the news anchor is so quick to defend him!
     Next, Henry Kissinger, who is either a globalist kingpin, renowned war criminal and Rockefeller co-conspirator or a deserving Nobel Peace Prize laureate (for 'ending' a war that he helped plan and that raged on for at least two more years) depending on your perspective, calmly predicts that nuclear war with Iran is just around the corner!  The fact that the Iranians have only recently reached the 20% enrichment-level of plutonium and have never been anywhere near the 90% enrichment-level needed for weapons-grade plutonium is apparently irrelevant to our global masters' plans for them.  Click here to watch and learn what the sage himself says our future holds.

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