Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Common Sense, Emotion, and Women in Combat

     I believe that  the recent decision by outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta to allow women to serve in front-line combat units is yet another nihilistic assault on the cohesiveness of our society by attempting to obscure a fundamental tenet of reality, i.e., that women and men are already equal before God, yet we have different and complementary designs and roles.  While this combat decision is presented to us on the political/ideological front, such deception about equality having to negate any differences at all between women and men originates in the spiritual realm.
     In a Washington Times commentary today, Lt. General (that's three stars) Jerry Boykin addresses problems with the practical side of the decision, and, without disparaging women or their achievements in the military, he reveals how "mixed-sex" units in ground operations will hurt readiness and morale.  Boykin, unlike Panetta or anyone else in the White House, has combat experience and speaks to the issue from that perspective.  Rather than have me reduce his ideas into a summary, please read the article here: BOYKIN: Common sense, emotion and women in combat - Washington Times

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