Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why I'm Making a Documentary About the Gerson Therapy: The Food Cure

Journalist Sarah Mabrouk via The Gerson Institute:

    "Listening to the radio in NYC one day, I heard a quote from Charlotte Gerson in which she claimed that a ‘cure for cancer’ had been found many years ago.
    "Obviously, I knew for a fact that this wasn’t true, and this outrageous statement made me furious.
    "Two of my closest friends are oncologists. Not only do I deeply admire their brilliance and incredible dedication, I have personally witnessed their suffering each and every time they lose a patient.
    "Despite the extraordinary advances in technology and drug research; despite the great scientific minds and the billions of dollars that have been thrown at this problem in the last century, today my friends still can’t save many of their patients."

     She set out to expose an alternative cancer clinic preying on cancer victims at the most vulnerable moment of their lives.  However, the facts this talented international investigative journalist discovered changed her mind.
     Read more about the new documentary, The Food Cure here.

Sarah Mabrouk

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