Sunday, February 16, 2014

No to GMOs: The Global Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing the Truth About Your Food

     He's back.  Even though he seems to be glancing over his shoulder expecting Monsanto lawyers to haul him away at any moment, Dr. Oz finally found the courage to condemn both GMO food and the corporate conspiracy that prevents the labeling of GMOs in our food. Actually, at one point he looks pointedly into the camera and slowly repeats the standard FDA disclaimer on GMOs; he's obviously preparing his defense for future lawsuits filed by the food industry to silence him--part of the conspiracy.
     Additionally, his main objection carefully centers on only one of the damaging facets of genetically engineered crops: they have increased pesticide use on industrial farms from 1 million pounds per year to 100 million pounds per year.  The damage that facet alone incurs on human health is, of course, reason enough to avoid eating any foods containing GMOs.  Even Dr. Oz admits it!

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