Sunday, September 8, 2013

Four Questions for Anyone Still Supporting a Strike Against Syria

 Actually, there are more than four excellent questions in this article and two amazing videos of a top Pentagon insider revealing that the Syrian attack has long been planned.  Complete with sources; read it here and please share.

     "Ask anyone still thinking of supporting an attack on Syria to explain why the U.S. started supporting the Syrian opposition years before any uprising had occurred there.
     "And ask them to explain why 4-Star General Wesley Clark was told – right after 9/11 – that Pentagon officials planned to attack 7 countries in 5 years … including Iraq, Libya and Syria.
     "There are many other good questions as well, such as:
- Why would we attack when bombing Syria will only strengthen the hardliners … and harm America’s national security?
- Why attack when the top U.S. military commander says that an attack would be both risky and expensive, and he can’t even say why we’d go to war with Syria?
- Why attack when everyone from troops and military officers to Pentagon war planners all oppose an attack on Syria ?
- Why attack when Congress members who have seen the classified intelligence aren’t even convinced that the Syrian government used chemical weapons?
- Why attack when the U.S. and Britain have used chemical weapons in the last 10 years … and the U.S. supported the largest chemical weapons attack in history?
From Washington's Blog.

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