Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chipotle Takes a Stand Against GMOs and the FDA

Via Robyn O'Brien at Inspired Bites:
     Chipotle has made some headlines lately.  Most recently, the company announced that it would label the genetically engineered ingredients in its beans, burritos and other food...
     But information that actually tells you what you are eating, like “May contain genetically engineered ingredients”? Not so much.  You’d have to move to another country, actually any one of 64 other countries around the world, for that right.  We don’t have that right here.  The United States government, the FDA to be exact, does not think that Americans should have the same right to know whether or not we are eating these genetically engineered ingredients, introduced into our food supply in the last 15 years by chemicals companies.  In other words, it’s just not important enough...

     Take a look at the story they have to tell in this new video.  As you can imagine, they’ve taken some heat for it.  Anyone standing on the front lines does.
     Share it with your kids. It’s only a few minutes long and will add to the toolbox of resources becoming available to Americans as we learn more about our food system.

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