Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Is God to Blame?"

Is God to blame when we or loved ones or anyone truly suffers? Greg Boyd responds to a question about Open Theism on his new blog, "ReKnew" (formerly "Christus Victor").  Here is his excellent conclusion:

     You might say that, while in the blueprint worldview everything happens for a reason, in the open view of the future, everything happens with a reason. But in the latter, as opposed to the former, you don’t need to think God is in any sense complicit in the event. In any event, the open view of the future can give the same assurance the blueprint worldview gives.

     Finally, the assurance the New Testament gives to people is not that everything that’s happening now is somehow part of God’s plan — as the blueprint worldview suggests. The New Testament ascribes a lot of activity to human agents and spirits, and a lot of it is against God’s will. Rather, the assurance of the New Testament is that a) God is with you; b) God can bring good out of evil (as I said in #2 above); c) God can bring a peace that passes understanding; and most of all d) it won’t always be like this. God wins in the end, and when he does, suffering and evil will be eradicated.

Read the entire article here: "How can you put your trust in a God who's not in control of everything?"

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