Saturday, January 7, 2012


My name is Jerry Woods.  I live in northern California, and the title of this blog [evangelical Anglican] reflects my principal approach to everything in life! The purpose of this blog is to be a resource or a clearinghouse of resources for anyone who wishes to approach the world through a thoughtful Christian lens.  Specifically, I'll be looking at these categories:

Religion/Philosophy (boring, until you realize nothing is more important to how you live your life!)
Health/Nutrition (with a strong emphasis on natural and alternative methods)
Education (particularly public schools vs. charters, testing, etc.)
Politics (as it relates to all the previous categories)

I am not by any means an expert or authority in any of these categories.  I offer these resources only as modest possible tools for growing toward our full human potential--spiritually, intellectually, and physically.  I'm always open to contributions in any of these areas.  It really is a wonderful life, and it gets even better!

Happy reading,

January 7, 2012

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